On a mission to honor the wild and end the illegal wildlife trade. 


Janelle Kaz

Over the past 60,000 miles, I’ve been on a mission to reconnect people with their innate wildness, empower children through education-planting a seed of stewardship for wildlife and the environment, and raise awareness of wildlife trafficking and those working against it through captivating photos and story-telling, all from the vantage point of my motorcycle.

  • Biologist, journalist, moto-traveler

  • 15 years riding, 3 continents

  • Advocate for the wild




Document and assist the positive actions taken to protect ecosystems and the animals +people who depend on them.



Increase support for those on the frontlines of conservation; help secure rights for indigenous people and their land; assess wildlife populations and protect habitat; create and implement wildlife and environmental education outreach programs; be a window into the world of earth and wildlife protection.


Next Location: Peru

I’m currently preparing for my next moto-travel to Peru where I’ll be taking part in a Jaguar Conservation Project and Wildlife Conservation Education Project. Your support in these projects will help enable greater success, please click below to learn how you can make a difference.


Writings From The Road

Discover my journalistic writings From Around The world

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I’ve been living on a motorcycle for years now, different bikes on different continents. The only thing I’ve been passionate about longer than riding motorcycles is wildlife. Perhaps my most favorite achievement in this lifetime is bridging these two worlds, of fueling motorcycle travel with my purpose of honoring the wild and ending the illegal wildlife trade.

I first learned about the trafficking of wildlife while (in university, studying biology) studying for my biology degree. It ignited this flame inside my chest that still burns today. I knew in that moment my life would be devoted to protecting animals from this dark trade….

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